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Preaching And Teaching Him

The Path Worship Center Augusta

Worship and Discipleship

Father God, in Jesus name I bow asking for forgiveness of my sins. I confess before you and ask you to become the Savior of my soul and Lord of my life. Thank you for your demonstrated love for me and for saving me from the wages of my sin. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

We love God, God's word, and all of God's creation. We offer a variety of fun and food events as well as local and international outreach opportunities year round.  We partner with the Holy Spirit to provide practical needs, such as primary health care, housing, food, clothing, and emergency assistance to the "least" in our community and around the world, with a view towards evangelism. 

How to receive salvation

The most impacting and important hours of your week. Join us on Sundays at 9:15 am for spirit and truth worship. Discipleship follows at 10:30 am and again on Thursdays at 6 pm.



1. God established the church to be a type of heaven on earth.

2. Christ refers to the church as His "body," because He needs hands, feet, eyes, and hearts to serve the gospel to the world.

3. Church membership means God's people agree to function with love and in unity as one body,

4. The body of Christ has one purpose which is to grow people spiritually.

5. It is through the lives and witness of spiritual people that lives of others are changed. 

​6.  Christianity is intensely spiritual, perfectly natural, and thoroughly practical.

7. Believers need to leave their seats and go to the streets with the love of God.

8. Theology without being wedded to practical application is worthless to all involved. 

Some of the places we have and now serve.

Fellowship and Partnership

Being the body of Christ in our community and our world